A part of writing-after-reading series as a personal goal, I present you a book about a new oil, data. A book by Steve Lohr.

This book is written by a The New York Times journalist who always covers technology, business, and economics for more than twenty years. He won Pulitzer Prize for explanatory reporting, a distinguished award for writer who has the abilities to explain the subject that is important and complex, demonstrate mastery of the subject, have lucid writing and clear presentation.

Photo by Luke Chesser on Unsplash

He writes the book with eleven chapters inside which will be revealed sequentially in detail below:

  1. How Big is Big Data?
    Modern data technology has gone mainstream which means it makes us as a individual consumer of certain technology product. The direct impact of this consumer Internet toward data collection is becoming economically a big deal.
    In relation with decision making process, an exercise that happens in every part of both personal and professional, it requires measurement in order to manage our lives. Referring to what a statistician, W. Edwards Deming and a quality control expert, Peter Drucker said “you can’t manage what you can’t measure”. In order to measure, it is imperative that we have a data.
    So with given significant progress in data collection, we as human get abundance of benefit in managing our lives.


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